Tho Ha Vinh

Dr. Ha Vinh Tho has a Vietnamese and French background, he is a trained Eurythmist and curative eurythmist, and has earned a PhD in Psychology and Education from Geneva University. He has worked as a Waldorf teacher in Germany, and has lived for many years with his family in a Camphill Community: Perceval St.Prex. Together with his wife Lisi they have created an NGO: Eurasia Foundation developing curative education and social therapy in Vietnam. They are the founders of the Peaceful Bamboo Family, the first Camphill Community in Vietnam: a village and vocational training center for youngsters living with disabilities that is also pioneering Biodynamic agriculture.

Tho has been the Head of the Training Department at the International Committee of the Red Cross; an impartial, neutral and independent organization whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of armed conflict. He is currently the Program Director of the Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan.

He is also a Buddhist teacher in the tradition of Vietnamese Zen Buddhism ordained by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Dr. Tho has been a professor of adult education at several universities in Europe and Vietnam, he has published several books and many articles on topics including curative education, engaged spirituality, intercultural dialogue, adult education and humanitarian action.

Tho Ha Vinh will be part of the workgroup <Threshold Experiences in our Time - Stepping into the Unknown>

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