Threshold Experiences in our Time - Stepping into the Unknown - 

The collective Threshold experience we are facing as a mankind: The falling apart of the current economic, political and social systems and the tension between the emergence of a new social organism and the temptation of taking refuge in the past: nationalism, authoritarian regimes, populism…

These appear on all levels of life for every one of us: for some more on the physical plane, for others within personal experiences, for still others on the borderlands to spiritual insight. The experience can be threatening and frightening, or uplifting and exhilarating; it can mean moving from a known to an unknown space; from the personal, familiar to an unexpected adventure; from wakefulness to sleep; from conscious to unconscious and vice versa. Stepping across thresholds often requires courage and determination, even stamina and initiative, or perhaps commitment. As Shakespeare says: Preparation is everything! And yet, for most of us in daily life, the thresholds need to be met and crossed with no or inadequate preparation.

In this workshop we hope to meet the threshold within ourselves. Using practical and cognitive exercises we may explore the threshold as  boundary and space, and discover our relationships with it. Do I stop and observe? Do I engage? Do I stand as witness of the unknown? Am I alone in all this?

We invite you to come as co-travellers and shipmates on this voyage of discovery into the unknown nature of our being. Bring an open mind, clear eyes and good common sense, and we will see where the journey takes us.

Joan Sleigh · Ignaz Anderson · Tho Ha Vinh