Inessa Guseva

Inessa Guseva has a degree in Physics of Metals and Master of Science in Therapeutic Education (University of the West of England, Bristol, UK). She is working in the company Society for Applied Spiritual Research, Ltd., Germany (Gesellschaft für Angewandte Geistesforschung mbH, Her second profession is chess coach. She is a member of the Goetheanum Meditation Worldwide Initiative with a particular interest in supersensible perception, the attaining of consciousness during sleep, and the deepening of work with symbols, all of which she researches via intensified meditation. Inessa conducts spiritual research, as well as lectures and workshops in a number of countries.
The significance of anthroposophic meditation is that it is helping people to develop the force of the I. That force can be used to build and clear an inner space of consciousness. This inner space is suitable to provide an encountering between the higher worlds and the consciousness of the meditant. Meeting the guardian of the threshold is an important possible element of the meditant’s path.
Inessa Guseva is co-leading the workshop - Research and Meditation. Deepening research questions and findings through meditation. Anthroposophic meditation is a tool for supersensible perception. Various contexts can be researched with this tool. Important for proper use of the method is the ability to formulate the right question regarding the object or phenomena to be researched. The combination of phenomena, the question, the cleared content-less inner space gives the higher worlds the possibility to provide a clear insight concerning the research topic.

Inessa Guseva will be part of the workgroup <Meditation in Research>

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