Meditation in Research

This workshop is a forum to explore the value and practice of meditation in a research process. It will be of particular interest to researchers and students, but is open to all. The workshop facilitators will provide examples and introduce fundamental practices out of their field, where they have found that meditation deepens the research process and its findings. A special focus will be placed on the role of the question in the research process and how meditation can orientate and widen the process of questioning. On the other hand, meditation as a subject of empirical research has become a broad field in the past ten years. In the workshop there will also be space for participants to share their expertise and current research. This workshop will be facilitated by members of the «Forum for Meditation in Research» of the «Goetheanum Meditation Initiative» that was founded in 2011.

Fergus Anderson · Inessa Guseva · Willem Meesters · Johannes Nilo · John Ralph · Simon Reakes · Robin Schmidt