Clarine Campagne

My name is Clarine Campagne (1961), I live with my husband in the middle of Holland, and our sons are studying, working, surfing, traveling or skiing abroad, things I also like to do too, especially in the mountains. I work as board member at the Iona Stichting on the project Anthroposophy and Society, and I coach people and groups in organizations. I am also member of the board of the Anthroposophical Society in Holland.

Anthroposophic  meditation and inner work:
- deepens your self knowledge, confidence and authenticity.
- gives you insights about what it is to be a human being.
- It opens you to a spiritual world, a larger whole, which you get an original and stronger connection with.
- Themes in your life and work become connected to a larger living field and can become inspired by it.
- This enables you to find more adequate ways of dealing with questions in life and work and of being of service to others.

What is mentioned above is also important in your vocational life, together with others, in an organization. That is what we will focus on in our workshop; Meditation in organizations. I will lead this workshop with Rudi Ballreich and Remco Bakker.  Rudi is working on organizational development and is very experienced in this field.  Remco leads a large anthroposophical organization in Holland.
Important questions will be: How can we answer smaller and bigger questions that appear in our organizations and institutions (from inside, from stakeholders, from society) in a way that is connected to who we are, to the source of our organization and the spirit of our time? And how can we do this together; find adequate/innovative answers by using every one's best possibilities? What meditative practices can be of help for you personally, for your question and for your team or organization as a whole?


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