Robin Schmidt

I studied Philosophy and Cultural History, later Educational Sciences and since 2001 I am responsible for the «Forschungsstelle Kulturimpuls» ( with research and publications on cultural history, Anthroposophy and contemporary issues, also on anthroposophic meditation. I am also a researcher at the FHNW School of Education in Basel with a project on Digital Change. I am a co-founder of the «Goetheanum Meditation Initiative Worldwide» and work in it's core group.

Currently I am researching into the conditions of a «digital modernity»: how is a human life and culture possible in the conditions of the digital-based world we live in? What are the implications for learning and the future of school? – And: what forms of meditation are adequate under these conditions?

The significance of anthroposophical meditation is for me the trust and confidence into thinking as a transforming force. Self-aware thinking as a starting point of meditation, allows to gradually transform it into an enriched form of connecting with the surrounding natural, social and spiritual world as a warm and wide awake participation. This can deepen research insights and the possibility to act in today’s world – a world that has become so dependent on the quality of our insight and engagement.

At the conference I will contribute with the workshop «Meditation in Research»: in 2011 we founded a group of researchers and students that have an interest in using meditation as a means for deepening research questions and findings. We will share our best practices of how meditation can work into a research process and enable a forum for exchange of current themes, projects and interests of the participants.


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