Ian Trousdell

I have been active in Anthroposophical endeavours all my working life, including Waldorfteaching, Biodynamics, hydrological design, Flowform business and scientific research to measure  energy changes in water.  I was born in England, but lived most of my life in New Zealand, though now live much of the year in Emerson College, UK, continuing the work of John Wilkes, the inventor of Flowform® water technology. My main work presently involves Flowform®  business in China and teaching spiritual scientific research methods in China and the South Pacific.

What is the significance of anthroposophic meditation and inner work for you? Physical senses only access a part of reality and the development of accurate intuitive senses enables much more to be accessed and known, adding practical and cooperative capacities to improve any life activity.

Could you briefly describe the significance of what you will be sharing at the event? The «Introduction to Meditation» workshop will show, through personal experiences, the three stages needed to develop access to further dimensions of reality, specifically the regions of life, consciousness and spirit which can lead us to a deeper engagement with the outer and inner realities of the world we live.

Ian will be giving the workgroup <First Steps> together with Elaine Beadle

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