Rik ten Cate

My profession is sculptor, and as such also teacher, in the teacher-training for Waldorf education. I mostly work with bronze, but also with wood, stone, glass. I am a member of the council of the Dutch Anthroposophical Society, and leader of the section of visual arts within the School of Spiritual Science. I am 61 years of age, married, 4 adult children.

Inner work and (anthroposophical) meditation is a necessity. Necessary for the benefit of oneself, as for the human society, the world and the spiritual world. We as humans have a responsibility towards these realms, and it is my strong belief that we can give way to this responsibility by practicing meditation. Not only meditation, that will of course not be enough, but it is one possible way.

During this conference I hope to contribute to the development of the basics of meditation: observation outward and inwardly, introspection, inner rest, open mind, open heart, open will; letting go and inviting (let come) what will appear.

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