Silke Sponheuer

Born in Essen, Germany. Eurythmy Training in Hamburg with Carina Schmid. Trainer and stage Eurythmist in Hamburg and working in free lance courses, youth work, social Eurythmy and co-work in the council-panel of GTS Bochum and Hamburg. In 1998 founding of Kairos Eurythmy Training in Cape Town, South Africa, accredited as BA Eurythmy degree. Stage work and multi-cultural Youth Projects in South Africa, ‘Out-reach projects’ in Townships. MA at University Cape Town. Offering and running various courses on Meditation, Eurythmy and their integration.

We face in our time ever more an onslaught of tendencies opposing the values of Human development and transformation. In order for us to be co-creators towards a world and future of ‘Human Beingness’ --within the world as we can observe it now, in it’s troubled state and it’s potential-- we need to strengthen our access to energies and forces which enhance our individual humanity and re-connect us to the Source of Being; to the Spirit. Meditation creates these windows in our every day life to enhance this re-connection and it develops resilience, humanisation and peace-building as human-spiritual- social principles and inner faculties.

In my workshop together with Matthias Bölts we will share ways in how inner spaces of quietude and new listening capacities can be discovered and enhanced. The process of Music and Meditation and Eurythmy work together; Experiences of the one leads to deeper insight in the other. Listening skills in the three faculties will be practiced; to Music, to meditative movement in the Eurythmy, to another, the inner soul and into the silence which allows qualitative time-creation. Eurythmy and Music can be entry doors for developing of such inner qualities and yet, they can be as much the inner content of meditation in themselves as well.

Silke Sponheuer will lead the workshop <Musik und Eurythmie als Hilfen auf dem dem Weg der Meditation> together with Matthias Bölts.

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