Peter Neurath

I studied informatics and artificial intelligence in Slovakia, work as a manager in a software company and as a parttime lecturer at the Comenius University. I am a member of the executive council of Slovak anthroposophical society, occupied with with digital postmodern age and the foundations of Anthroposophy.

I see anthroposophic meditation as a conscious entry into the liquid times of today. It builds a living basis, through which culture and time can be understood and developed. It can become a conscious activating path, gradual growth of one's own activity, which can unfold towards an orientation and creative participation in the rhythms of our time.

I see the foundation stone meditation as the essence of our relationship to reality. This essence, when meditated, can grow into the path of evolution, and entry into the field of meditation then becomes a conscious step on this path. And the rhythms of the foundation stone meditation can help to bring life into inner work in the repeated pulse of seven weekdays.

Peter Neurath will be part of the workgroup <Grundsteinmeditation - Einführung>

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