Elizabeth Wirsching

Degree from Oslo university in Cultural history and Art. Co-founder of a Waldorfschool outside Oslo in 1983, was a teacher there until 2000. Leader of the Youthsection/Goetheanum 2000-2011.  Leader of the cultural field in a municipality outside Oslo 2012-2016. Organizer of an Eduaction in biodynamic farming, BINGN, in the nordic countries, since 2014. Working for the Anthroposohical society in Norway since 2016.

Currently I am doing research on some early renaissance gobelins: The lady with the unicorn. These gobelins describe an inner path through six stages, and correspond with what I understand is a modern way of meditation: Developing higher senses in balance with the physical senses; thus supporting each other.

The significance of mediation inspired by anthroposophy is the recognizing of the importance of our belonging to the world ad the possibility to develop spiritual skills enabling to dive deeper and connect stronger with this life and all its challenges.

In the conference I will contribute on the topic of «I am not only I» together with Regula Nilo. We have found a Norwegian poem that has four steps suiting perfect for the inner path: From asking, to deepening, to awakening and closing with the contributing. Moving this also in Eurythmy will bring us into a stronger and warmer soulexperience.

Elizabeth Wirsching will be part of the workgroup <I am not only I>

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