Ron Dunselman

Ron Dunselman (1945), psychologist and art therapist. He worked nearly 30 years in ARTA, national anthroposophical center for treatment of drug- and alcohol-addicts. He was involved in the founding of ARTA and also served as director of treatment. 1996 – 2012 chairman of the Dutch Anthroposophical Society. 1996 – 1997 and 2001 – 2014 General Secretary. From 1991 class holder in Meppel and the national centre Driebergen/Zeist. A Co-founder of “Goetheanum Meditation Iniative Worldwide” and still in it's core group. Author of the book “In Place of the Self; how drugs work”.

These words from Rudolf Steiner in Januar 1924 are impressing and inspiring me: «About meditation. It is not only a personal matter, but has world importance. The cosmos is interested if we do it or not». So I hope by meditating to contribute to the development of the world, spiritual beings, humanity and myself.

During «Living Connections» I hope, together with the participants in the workshop, to practice and discover ways to find a fruitful inner space and mood. A mood in which meditation can develop itself from a living in thoughts and images to an opening up for and living with spiritual beings.

Ron Dunselman will be part of the workgroup <Von Texten über Stimmung zu Mantren durch Meditation, künstlerische Arbeit und Eurythmie>

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