Madeleen Winkler

Madeleen Winkler, 1952. General Practitioner in Therapeuticum Calendula Gouda since 1982. Active in board of anthroposophic doctors society, NL and internationally. Since 2004 working groups on anthroposophic meditation in general, for workers in the medical field and also the public, due to the great need in society for spirituality and meditation. Working groups on ‘what can we do for our beloved dead’, because in our materialistic times those who have died need help from spiritually active human beings on earth.

Our time it is a challenge to develop ourselves and really to do what we intend with exercises. Anthroposophy can help us to understand why this is so, and give us exercises that can help us to focus, to concentrate, to exercise objective observation, to stick to our intentions and develop our inner forces. The starting point of anthroposophic meditation is consciousness in the soul, developing our spiritual senses and devotion on a free and individual path.

In the working group Meditation and medicine, for all workers in health care, Joukje Pothoven and I want to work on meditation for workers in health care with exercises in objective observation, reflecting on inner attitudes toward patients or clients, developing imaginations and meditations which support our medical and therapeutic work. We will meditate for ourselves, exchange our experiences and support each other in our path with exercises and meditation.

Madeleen Winkler will be part of the workgroup <Meditation and Medicine - For all workers in health care>



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