Meditation and Social Art

Basic meditations will be presented in order to see and understand the transforming dynamics of social organisms. These methods include so called «social-artistic methods» which increase the ability to diagnose complex social situations and to find interventions to support the healing or development of organisations, families and individuals. Cultivating socially artistic responses involves exploring the «reciprocal relations between the social and the anti-social forces» with their presencing and absencing potentials. We will learn about and also experientially exercise with some aspects of these often conflicting polar forces. To give one example, Steiner urges that these anti-social forces «must be developed in us». As these latter forces are often perceived and/or projected as part of the dynamics of the shadow/double, combining meditation with «social-artistic methods» can prove a valuable adjunct in a healthier exploration of these dynamics and their evolving edges.

Friedrich Glasl · Perry Havranek