July 5–7 2017 Goetheanum


The 19 Class Lessons – a path of Meditation

This Pre-Conference is for Members of the ‹School of Spiritual Science› and focuses on the meditative path formed by the 19 «Class Lessons». These lessons were given by Rudolf Steiner in 1924 to open a contemporary path of spiritual deepening leading to a living connection and dialogic participation with todays world and its deeper spiritual dimension. With its different elements this conference provides an exemplary deepening and an orientation of the whole path of these 19 meditations.

The languages of the Pre-Conference are English and German, and there will be a consecutive translation from the one into the other.


Wednesday, July 5

Check-in and registration at the Goetheanum throughout the day.

Venue for the Conference: Schreinerei

19.00 Reception and Opening

Plenum 1 «School of Spiritual Science»*:
Questions and Intentions of the Participants

*short break*

20.30-21.30 Contemplating the 1st to 7th Class Lesson, introduced through Contemporary Music**

21.30 Night Café





Thursday, July 6

9.00 Contemplating the 7th to 11th Class Lesson, introduced through Contemporary Music

10.15 Coffee break

11.00 Round table conversations 1***
Practices, Exercises and Conversations on the Meditations in the 19 Class Lessons

13.00 Dinner break

16.00 Round table conversations 2

18.00 Break and small evening meal

19.00 Plenum 2 «School of Spiritual Science»: Exchange of Best Practice

20.00 Contemplating the 12th to 16th Class Lesson, introduced through Contemporary Music


Friday, July 7

9.00 Contemplating the 17th to 19th Class Lesson, introduced through Contemporary Music

10.15 Coffee break

11.00 Round table conversations 3

12.00 Plenum 3
«School of Spiritual Science»:
Intentions for the Future

13.00 Dinner break and breathing out before the Public Conference starts.





* Moderation Plenum: Robin Schmidt

** Contemplations on the mantras English/German: Ursula Flatters, Ron Dunselman, Wolfgang Kilthau and Bodo von Plato

Music introduction and piano: Matthias Bölts

*** The Round table conversations (exercises and conversations) will take place in different languages and will be hosted by the following persons (there will also be open groups without hosts):

1. Ron Dunselman, Milou Dunselman (NL)

2. Matthias Bölts, Wolfgang Kilthau, Robin Schmidt (GE)

3. Joan Sleigh, Silke Sponheuer, Ursula Zimmermann (EN)

4. Bodo von Plato, Aina Aasland (GE)

5. Paul Mackay, Marjatta van Boeschoten (GE)

6. Doris Dodrimont, Alain Tessier (FR)

7. Dorian Schmidt, Martin Hollerbach (GE)

8. Simon Reakes, Terje Sparby, Johannes Nilo (EN)

9. Ursula Flatters & N.N. (GE/EN)