Sanda Dale

Sanda Dale, PhD. Born 47 years ago in Romania, I studied Control Engineering and teach Automation and Artificial Intelligence since over 20 years at the University of Oradea. I am also part of the Romanian Council of the Anthroposophical Society since 2011 and a worker in the field of biography for the last year.

My concerns are to stress for the students and for academia the humanness and the importance of man in the numerical era, trying to learn together how to master and understand the challenges of technology and how to face research issues through a contemplative attitude. As a trained biographer I started to work with groups of people of different ages and occupations in Romania, Hungary and France, on subjects concerning our concrete life aspects.

The human being lives between Heaven and Earth, between Light and Darkness and this dimension of life is possible to bear only through meditation and the accompanying exercises. I see the exercises and the daily life facts like building the backbone of our spiritual being and the Anthroposophical meditation as the living marrow of it, helping us to stand and to act vertically into the world.

My contribution in the conference, as part of the working group <Biography Work and Meditation> is about being present and being there for the others in all and through all the aspects of daily life, with the fruits of the School of Spiritual Science meditations in the background and the exercises Rudolf Steiner gave us, as a moral path.

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