Regula Nilo

Regula Nilo-Schulthess works with eurythmy at the University of Stockholm and with «Vitaleurythmie» as a way of coping with stress.

Eurythmy is still the main topic in my life. In the last years I have begun to discover and work with eurythmy as «CONSCIOUS PRESENCE»; being able to respond to stress. To be conscious present is more than sitting still and come to rest. In this «BEING PRESENT» there is the need to consider and move yourself in relation to the world. I seek – and I try to convey tools to become self-active in order to connect with the world in a new and creative relationship. For me Rudolf Steiner appears as a very modern person who has developed fruitful thoughts on life. Each person has in their own way the possibility to develop their thinking and live here and now.

Regula leads the workshop «I am not only I» together with Elizabeth Wirsching.

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