Josien de Vries

Josien de Vries (1955, Zeist, Holland). After attending a Waldorf school, I trained as a            Careers counsellor (Akademie Mens-Arbeid, Tilburg, Holland, 1974-1978). I worked as a Management trainer at Dutch Telecom.  In 1981 I became a staffmember at the Vrije Hogeschool.In 1995 I founded our own consultancy business 3Consult with Rinke Visser, based in Driebergen, Holland. We recognised each other as representatives of the same mission: We enable people to grow to a deeper understanding of what it means to be human, in order to become more responsible, more effective and able to deal with one’s tasks and ideals, both in one’s private and professional life. In order to explore and develop a body of knowledge that could carry our vision and work, we founded the Instituut voor Biografiek in Driebergen, Holland in 1992.

Anthroposophy wants to connect the human spirit to the spirit of the cosmos. We strive for that in biographywork: it is the core of all life issues. Support for the personal life and work life can be found in meditative attention for world and people.

Josien de Vries will be part of the workgroup <Biography Work and Meditation>


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