Gia van den Akker

Born 1961 in the Netherlands, Master of Art, eurythmist, performer, choreographer, trainer, cultural entrepreneur.  I worked 14 years in the eurythmy training Den Haag, and now I work as a freelance trainer in Italy, Germany, Holland and Chile. I am active creating performances and developing interdisciplinary and social artistic projects. Life brings me in situations where I work with eurythmy in public contexts and collaborate with public institutions like museums, schools and funeral institutes or even places such as the conservatorium in Alessandria. Since 2007 I am living in Italy where I founded “la fabbrica” a studio for courses, events and masterclasses.

Meditation is for me a source to renew inner strength and thrust. Connecting myself with the spiritual world and with others ritually. It is like daily bread. The experience of the transformation of inner activity into capacities in every day’s life and in social life is important to me. I am interested in how to be creative within meditation itself and to connect it with developing art.

My contribution will be eurythmical exercises and movement experiences concerning intuition in movement and music, in collaboration with Edward de Boer and Robin Engelen.

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